Liberty University’s main goal for building its new residence hall was that it could foster a sense of community among the students that would soon live there.

For the project to be a success, it had to offer comfortable space and ultimately be affordable enough to build at all. Therefore, the building had to be very energy efficient, and high-performance Icynene spray foam was the insulation and air barrier product of choice.

The Spray Foam Process for University Commons

Cameron Building Envelope Specialists was selected for the job. In 2014, we installed Icynene MD-C-200 closed cell spray foam to insulate the outside walls. This closed cell spray foam insulation is a high-performance insulation that works great on the outer surface of sheathing on a framed wall. The foam also works its way in to any small imperfections, which seals leaks of energy and heat. The foam insulation product provides a solution to building a wall that can be done with any architectural design or approach.

Learn more about spray foam at Cameron Building Envelope Specialist’s project page.

About Icynene MD-C-200

The Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) evaluated Icynene MD-c-200 along with Icynene ProSeal. They found that the foam seals also deal with moisture problems. With moisture kept out, air in buildings is kept fresh and there is a reduction in energy costs. This is ideal especially for high-occupancy buildings like the University Commons residence halls being built at Liberty University. Learn more about closed-cell spray foam vs. rigid board.

The entire building was encased in Icynene MD-C-200 in a process that took less than two months to ensure the building project stayed on schedule.

The Result

The nine-story tower was indeed finished in time for the academic year. The tower has a community space on each floor of the building that gives room for the students to come together and spend time with their friends and make new ones. Read more about the insulation work for this project at Liberty.edu.    

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