General ContractorOak Contracting
TypeSpray Polyurethane Foam Air Barrier System
ArchitectGrimm and Parker

The New and Improved Wheaton High School

The newly rebuilt Wheaton High School is LEED Silver Certified, meaning that it is a highly energy-efficient building. The structure features large windows to let in natural light, as well as several collaborative spaces throughout. The school is zoned to allow activity spaces—such as the auditorium, gymnasium, and cafeteria—to function during non-school hours without compromising the security of the building’s academic areas.

Scope of Work

Our team will be installing a combination of closed cell spray foam insulation, a thermal fiber vapor barrier, and an air barrier. Closed cell spray foam is designed for use in typical residential applications.  Closed cell spray foam insulation controls both moisture and air infiltration. In addition to installing spray foam insulation, our group of building scientist will also be installing both a vapor and air barrier system. In fact, vapor barriers are designed to prevent vapor diffusion, and air barriers stop air leakage through differences in air pressure.  

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