How Suburban Hospital Plans To Change Its Look Overnight

Suburban Hospital is located in the heart of Bethesda, Maryland.  At this point, the current hospital facility is getting older and, is considered by many to be outdated. Team members from Suburban hospital have hired Clark Construction to build a brand new five-story hospital addition that will connect to the existing building.  As a matter of fact, the new hospital wing will be located on the north side of the hospital grounds.  Meanwhile, it’s expected to take two years to complete the new addition. Because the hospital is an older building, renovations are desperately needed. Clark Construction has offered to make changes to the hospitals loading dock, dining room, and maintenance departments.  In addition,  Clark team members have agreed to widen a hallway on the first floor in the radiology department.

Scope of Work

Our team of building science experts will be installing an air barrier. The reason why air barriers are used in hospitals is that the vapor barrier impedes the transfer of water vapor. Where it is placed in an assembly and its accessibility is a function of climate, the characteristics of the materials that comprise the assembly and the interior conditions.

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