ibley Memorial Hospital East Bound Tower
Sibley Memorial Hospital East Bound Tower
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Washington, D.C. Metro Area Hospital Gets A Facelift

Sibley Memorial Hospital opened in 1890.  Construction crews from the  Gilbane Building Company recently started renovations on the hospital’s eastbound tower.  Presumably, the renovations are part of the hospitals’ management team vision and mission to make Sibley Hospital a state of the art hospital.  Coincidentally the seven-story eastbound tower was built over 55 years ago. At this point, renovations are desperately needed to meet the needs of the hospital patients and staff.  As a result, some of the renovations include adding new windows, and upgrades to the hospitals’ lobby area.  Meanwhile, employees can expect to see changes in the hospitals’ decor including, new flooring, freshly painted walls, and brand new furniture.

Materials Used 

Our installers are expected to install a fluid-applied air barrier for this project. A fluid-applied air barrier is designed to ensure comfort and energy efficiency. Consequently, all buildings leak some air, some more air than others.  In addition, air leakage leads to poor indoor air quality, moisture damage, and costly energy consumption.  In fact, up to 40% of a building energy consumption is lost to air leakage. That’s a lot of wasted air to lose!  Fluid-applied air barriers act as an efficient air and water restrictive barrier. Fluid-applied air barriers envelop the building, helping to reduce leakage and energy consumption dramatically.


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