Rocketship DC2 Transition Membrane and Thermal Barrier
Rocketship DC2 Transition Membrane and Thermal Barrier
General ContractorMCN Build
TypeK-12 School
ArchitectShinberg Levinas Architects f

Rocketship DC 2 Comes to Ward 7

Cameron Building Envelope Specialist was hired by the General Contractor MCN Build to install Spray Foam Insulation. Rocketship Rising Academy (Rocketship DC 2) is about to finish construction on their second charter school in South East Washington, D.C within the last two years.  The 54,000 square foot school stands alone on a hilltop overlooking the Anacostia River.. More than 350 students our expected to attend the new school during the 2017-2018  school year.  Students attending the school will range from Pre-k through the third grade.

Type of Work

Our team was chosen for this job because of our experience. For the Rocketship DC 2  job we will use a combination of a blue skin transition membrane, thermal barrier, and Spray Foam insulation. Spray foam is made of a two-component closed-cell spray foam system. It involves an EPA-accepted, zero ozone-depleting blowing agent.  Spray foam is designed for installation in most basic construction shapes using simple materials such as wood and wood products, metal and concrete.

Our closed-cell spray foam insulation, is used on the outer surface of schools, which reduces the HVAC requirements, and saves on energy costs. The spray foam fills the exterior cavity walls in school construction, and is applied to the sheeting before bricks or other exterior material is put in place. The primary benefit of using spray foam insulation in this instance is that it eliminates the need for additional steps in the protection and sealant process.

A Blueskin transition membrane is made of a rubberized asphalt compound laminated on a blue polyethylene film. The makes it hard for air, moisture vapor and water to  pass through the buildings interior area.

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