DateSeptember 2016
ArchitectBHC Architects

One of Baltimore’s prime waterfront locations is getting a $60 million makeover

Recreation Pier Hotel is located in the Fells Point neighborhood of the city. It stands as the picturesque setting of many key events and historic trademarks. The 100-year-old building was once a central educational facility for 20th century immigrants and a pier for ships importing European goods. Recently, Recreation Pier served as the scene (police station) of NBC’s Homicide, Life on the Streets drama as well as the prime set for Disney’s Step Up movies.

The building is currently being remodeled into a harborside hotel. The residential property will be complete with 129 luxury rooms, a restaurant and bar, as well as upper-level office space. The location is owned by Kevin Plank, widely known for being Founder and CEO of the popular sports apparel brand, Under Armour. Under Plank, Recreation Pier will soon be called the “Sagamore Pendry Baltimore” and will contribute to the re-modeling efforts currently being enacted throughout the city of Baltimore.

Scope of Work

For this project, Cameron Building Envelope Specialists installed Fluid Applied Air Barriers and Spray Foam Insulation.

Cameron partnered with BHC Architects, who created the design and layout for the luxury hotel.

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