DateSeptember 2016
ArchitectStreet-Works Studios; Design Collective; WDG Architects; ForeSeer

Pike & Rose is the name of a large revitalization project happening in the Northern Bethesda region of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Plans for redesign were drafted from the realization that Pike & Rose had greater potential than it was fulfilling as a single-use retail strip. The project was split into two phases (the first having been completed in 2014) with a goal of transforming the area into a multi-use community people would want to live, work, and play in.

Scope of Work

Multiple architects were chosen for the job, as each component (retail, residential, entertainment, and corporate) of the project needed to cater specifically to the demographic and ambience of the neighborhood. The overall design was influenced greatly by Urbanist principles.

Following the design phase came the task of ensuring that each structure felt comfortable and were properly sealed to enhance functionality as well as energy-efficiency. That’s where Cameron Building Envelope Specialists comes in. Our specialists were chosen to install fluid-applied air barriers throughout the Pike & Rose project on Block 1A and Block 8 of the development site. View the video below for a look into our process:

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