National Zoo Police Station Renovation
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The National Zoo Police Station Is Getting A New Facelift

The Police Station located on the Campus of the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. was built over 60 years ago.  The two story building is approximately 9,600 square feet. However, the building is said to be outdated by most standards and is in need of a facelift.  Renovations include remodeling the inside of the building and adding a 2,000 square foot two story addition. In fact, the new building will include an elevator and a handicap accessible ramp to accommodate the disabled.

Renovations will start in October and will take two and half years to complete. Some of the renovations, include, installing new windows and adding insulation. Also, construction crews are installing new plumbing and electrical work.

Type of Work

For this project, our partners from Consigli Construction asked us to install spray foam insulation throughout the building.  Buildings like a police station are prone to moisture and air infiltration. Each of these could compromise the durability of a building’s structure. When applied to the interior side of a roof, spray foam insulation can increase a building’s resistance to uplifting winds during severe storms. Studies have shown that when applying closed-cell spray foam insulation to wall cavities can increase racking strength versus those without it. Spray foam insulation also prevents water damage from occurring .

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