Murch Elementary School
DateAugust 2018
General ContractorMCN Build
ArchitectMcGhee and Associates

The modernization of Murch Elementary School includes the renovation of the existing school building plus a substantial addition to accommodate 700 students while also providing adequate cafeteria, gym, and media space to support the current academic program. Work on Murch Elementary School, which serves children pre-K through fifth grade, will be completed in time for the 2017-2018 school year, depending on the design and permitting process. The school, located at 4810 36th Street NW, serves the neighborhoods of North Cleveland Park, Forest Hills and Van Ness.

Murch was founded in 1930, named for Ben W. Murch, who served as a principal and D.C. public schools administrator for 40 years. It is the second largest elementary school in the District, tied with Janney Elementary. Last year’s enrollment was 626 students; the school has a baseline capacity of 488 students.

Scope of Work

Our partners from MCN Build contacted Cameron Building Envelope Specialist for this job because of our expertise in spray foam and air barrier systems. Spray foam  was used as a foam insulation system for internal walls, floors and roofs that provides a seamless airtight solution, which, unlike conventional insulation materials, is spray applied. The air barrier services as a flexible air barrier membrane for use on vertical above grade wall construction over properly prepared concrete, concrete masonry (CMU), glass mat gypsum sheathing and exterior or exposure I wood-based sheathing. It also functions as a secondary weather seal at joints in construction.

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