Giddings Avenue Rigid Foam Insulation
DateNovember 2017
General ContractorPlano coudon

Rigid Foam Insulation -How To Protect A Building

Located within a half a block of the Maryland District Courthouse in Annapolis, Maryland Giddings Avenue was originally built in 1987. The General Contractor Plano Coudon was selected to oversee the Giddings Avenue project renovations. With the purchase of a neighboring property, the existing 13,000 square foot building was redesigned and expanded to nearly 22,000 square feet.

Scope of Work

Our team of experts were hired to install both a fluid applied air barrier and rigid foam insulation. An air barrier controls unintended air movement of into and out of building. A fluid applied air barrier is designed to control excess moisture and prevent mold growth. Some of the advantages of a fluid applied air barrier include:

1) A fluid applied air barrier prevents up to 40% energy loss

2) A fluid applied air barrier seals and protects a building

3) A fluid applied air barrier protects sheathing and the concrete masonry unit.

In addition, to the fluid applied air barrier our installed used Rigid foam insulation which can be used in the wall, roof, and foundation areas of building. The rigid foam insulation acts as a bridge for heat to escape. In addition, a layer of rigid foam insulation on the outside of exterior wall also helps a buildings frame to stay dry by raising the dew point of the surface where water is likely to condense. Rigid foam insulation is used for both new construction and renovation projects.

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