ort Worthington Elementary School
DateFall 2017
General ContractorGilbane
ArchitectGrimm & Parker Architects

Fort Worthington Elementary School, located on the east side near Dr. Rayner Browne and Collington Square Elementary/Middle Schools and across from the Lakewood early learning center, was considered for renovation or replacement. After gathering input from the school community and analyzing options, plans are now underway for a new building. Reduction in maintenance expenses will offset the higher cost of new construction over renovation – and the community will benefit from an inspiring new building that will further the school’s mission of providing an environment that fosters high student achievement.

With a design that will separate classrooms from public and gathering areas (including the cafeteria and gymnasium) and improve circulation and flow throughout, the new building will continue to be a welcoming setting for both learning and the community activities that take place outside of school time and have long made Fort Worthington a focal point of its neighborhood.

Scope of the Work

The Team from Cameron Building Envelope Specialist used a combination of closed cell spray foam and a fluid applied air barrier throughout the entire facility. Fluid applied air barriers are becoming one of the most popular barriers, even in light commercial work as they offer a number of significant advantages. For starters, there is a structural bond to the substrate. Second, they’re easier to apply, and provide coverage of caulked joints, terminations, differing substrates, and flashing.

Closed Cell SPF is also specified and installed in commercial applications. It can be applied as a continuous insulation on the exterior of wall cavities. As previously mentioned, high density SPF is most often specified and installed in commercial roofing applications for both retrofits and new construction. A few advantages to using closed cell foam insulation include, rejecting bulk water (even submerged) this can be a FEMA requirement in flood zones and impact resistance.

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