Cherry Hill Elementary and Middle School
General ContractorHess Construction
TypeK-12 School
ArchitectJRS Architects

Fluid Applied Air Barrier Applied to Baltimore City Area School Makeover

The new Cherry Hill Elementary School is a state-of-the-art school. The new school facility will accommodate the ever-changing needs of the area. The remaining original part of the building is currently being renovated.  The schools parking lot will be expanded.  New sidewalks and an enhanced water management system are among some of the upgrades. The gymnasium and cafeteria areas of the finished school will be accessible to community residents for neighborhood activities. Builder JRS Architects   designed the new Cherry Hill Elementary School. JRS budget for the project is $33 Million dollars. The old school was approximately (68,850 square feet) and will dramatically increase in size ranging anywhere of upwards at least 120,000 square feet.

Scope of Work

The General Contractor Hess Construction asked our team of experts to install a fluid applied air barrier for this project.  Fluid Applied Air Barrier offer a number of performance advantages. Fluid applied air barriers are used in all types of wall construction projects including the use of gypsum and cement-based sheathings.  Most fluid applied barriers consist of:
  • Joint and fastener treatment products that include options for treating sheathing joints, rough openings, inside and outside corners, and small cracks.
  • Fabrics, meshes and tapes used in conjunction with the joint and fastener treatment products to reinforce the treated areas.
  • A coating that is spray, roller, or trowel applied over the entire substrate.
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