First Baptist Church- Family Life Center | Cameron BES
First Baptist Church- Family Life Center | Cameron BES
First Baptist Church- Family Life Center | Cameron BES
First Baptist Church- Family Life Center | Cameron BES
First Baptist Church- Family Life Center | Cameron BES
General ContractorSprings Contracting Group
ArchitectGrimm and Parker
The new $20 million First Baptist Church Family Life Center is designed by Grimm and Parker. The center will utilize renewable energy with 50 percent power sourced from a new solar farm and will feature three indoor basketball courts with performance platforms, an indoor running track, fitness room and three multi-purpose conference rooms. First Baptist Church of Glenarden, led by Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. is a vibrant, Bible-based church located on three campuses in Prince George’s County, Maryland. With more than 11,000 active members, FBCG is one of the largest congregations in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. It has impacted both local and global communities through its 100-plus ministries, outreach and educational programs. The Prince George’s County, Md. community can look forward to the new multipurpose Family Life Center that will be one of the largest of its kind in the area when it opens in late 2017.County residents will be able to engage in health and wellness opportunities through educational workshops, nutrition and sports programs once the center is open. The center will also house the church’s 10 Amateur Athletic Union basketball teams and support large crowds during tournaments. Scope of Work For this job the team from Cameron Building Envelope Specialist used closed cell spray foam insulation and a fluid applied air barrier. Polyurethane spray foam is often categorized as either “open-cell” or “closed-cell”. There are several major differences between the two types, leading to advantage depending on the desired application requirements. Closed-cell polyurethane spray foam has among the highest R-Values of any commercially available insulation. In addition, the closed-cell nature of this foam provides for a highly effective air barrier, low moisture vapor permeability (often referred to as the “Perm” rating), and excellent resistance to water Fluid-applied air and moisture barriers are an effective and economical means of controlling moisture in all types of wall assemblies, including concrete masonry units. Managing moisture helps to reduce potential mold growth in wall assemblies. A fluid-applied air and moisture barrier offers performance advantages over building wraps and traditional asphalt impregnated felt or paper moisture barriers. One advantage is that fluid-applied membranes are continuous, seamless and structural when applied to the sheathing. Building wraps, which are attached to the sheathing with penetrating fasteners, may create gaps that allow air infiltration.

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