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The Corcoran School of Arts Is Getting A Major Upgrade

The Corcoran School of the Art and Design is located Washington, D.C.  The school of art and design is part of the George Washington University school system.  The building was designed by Ernest Flag and opened in 1897.  The Corcoran school hosts several of the school’s art programs. Consequently, it was recognized as a historical landmark in 1964.

In May 0f 2017, school officials announced that the facility would close for renovations. The renovations will take two years to complete.  Once the project is complete it will feature a new exhibition space and improved classrooms.  It’s most noteworthy, to mention that the second-floor gallery will be turned over to the National Gallery of Art (NGA) for future exhibitions. In coming years, the NGA will organize and present exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.

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Since most buildings like this require extra care and attention to detail we are installing spray foam insulation to help protect it’s building envelope. That’s because spray foam stops air leaks from occurring.  A building’s envelope accounts for 30-40% of the energy used in buildings in the United States. Anything that can be done to minimize this energy loss will save the school a substantial amount of money by reducing overall energy.  In addition to significant heating/cooling energy loss, air leakage through the building envelope can permit moisture and condensation.

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