Columbia Place Apartments
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Luxury Apartments Are Coming to The Heart of Washington, D.C.

The Columbia Place Apartments are located in NW Washington, D.C. and will have 200 over studio, one bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments available for rent.  In fact, the apartment building is 110 feet high, The new apartment building will feature a rooftop deck, recreation space, pool deck with a grill area, a fire pit, and lounge seating for residents to enjoy the rooftop living experience.

The apartment building also contains an underground parking garage for residents. There is also approximately 3,000 square feet of designated retail space for residents to shop.

Scale of the Project

For this specific project our team is installing an Air Barrier. In fact, the reason why we use an air barrier in an apartment building is due to a scientific theory known as the stack affect.  Ironically air movement is caused when warm air rises and colder air falls. Consequently, this generates a small but steady amount of pressure in direct relation to the size of the temperature difference.  Finally, the differences in pressure lead to air that leaks and generates unwanted air flows.  This result in poor indoor air quality and drastically impacts the health of the residents living inside the building

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