Berlin Maryland Public Library
General ContractorWhitting Turner
ArchitectJeff Schoelkopf

The Berlin Maryland Public Library A State of the Art Public & Learning Facility

Located on Harrison Avenue behind the site of the current library, the proposed new Berlin, Maryland Public Library will replace the existing library. The two-story, 11,000-square-foot facility will have a brick exterior. The new library will include a meeting space and technology area for the community to use. The new Berlin Maryland Public Library will have a similar footprint and function as the current building. However, the new facility will have more space, accessibility and resources.

The ground floor will look similar to what patrons experience now when they visit the current Berlin branch. A children’s area will be to the left of the entrance and the bulk of the library’s books to the right.  Patrons will be to enter the 2nd floor of the library using a set stairs or by an exterior stairway.  The second floor will include a space for a reading section for teens and a history section. It will also house a large community room. That space, which will hold 80-100 people, will be available for the community to use free of charge. The new building will feature a rear porch, to provide the library with additional programming space, and will have a roof that will be able to accommodate solar panels.

Scope of the Project

Public Libraries are traditionally known as places where people come to study or read a book in quiet.  However on occasion there’s that one chatty people that can pretty loud This can be very distracting to patrons. That is why the general contractor Whitting Turner decided to contact our team of experts to help combat this problem. For this job the team from Cameron Building Envelope Specialist will be using a combination of spray foam and an air barrier system to help combat noise interference.

Although spray foam is not technically an acoustical material (meaning it does not absorb sound), it can be used in the effort to control sound. Spray foam creates a seamless air barrier. An air barrier blocks the transmission of sound from one area to another.

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