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TypeK-12 School

There’s Big, Excitement In the Stafford County School System

Stafford county board of education members and government officials gathered in August for a groundbreaking ceremony of the new Moncure elementary school. At this point., the 106,9000 square foot school will cost approximately 34 million dollars to build.  Consequently, Moncure elementary school is expected to be completed by the fall of 2019.  By the time  Moncure opens there will be an estimated 966 students enrolled in grades Pre-K through the fifth grade.

Scope of Work

For this specific job, our team of building scientist will use spray foam insulation.  In fact, spray foam insulations is a modern material that helps to achieve energy efficiency, air sealing, and it helps to improve indoor air quality. In addition, to spray foam insulation, our team will also be adding a blue skin wrap. The blueskin wrap is a fully adhered, peel-n-stick system that eliminates air leakage.  While the blue skin increases building longevity by providing greater moisture and water protection than traditional water-resistant barriers. The blue skin enhances occupant comfort by eliminating drafts,  improves building thermal performance for reduced energy costs, and by helping to reduce mold proliferation.


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