1701 Rhode Island | Cameron BES
1701 Rhode Island | Cameron BES
1701 Rhode Island | Cameron BES
1701 Rhode Island | Cameron BES

In Northwest DC: A New Workspace to “Inspire BIG Thinking” 

Emerging from the site of a former YMCA, 1701 Rhode Island will deliver a new landmark carefully crafted for small-to-medium sized organizations. Floor-to-ceiling glass along all four sides will create an inspiring, lightfilled space that will perfect for collaboration, teamwork, and camaraderie. The design combines current workplace trends with cutting-edge design.

 Scope of Work

While 1701 Rhode Island Ave. NW features mostly glass in its outer walls, it will be well-insulated, therefore creating comfortable workspaces year-round. Our team of building scientist installed an air barrier system.  An air barrier is a  system that’s actually designed and constructed to control air flow between a conditioned space and an unconditioned space.  Consequently, air barrier systems solve common building environment problems. In fact, an air barrier creates a seamless moisture barrier with no tears, holes or “mis-lapped” joints, effectively blocking air leakage, and reducing energy costs and the risk of condensation in the wall. Air barriers also protects sheathing and rough openings from weather damage during and after construction. Finally, air barriers provide the opportunity for pressure-equalized or pressure-moderated wall design. This minimizes the risk of rainwater penetrating through any type of wall assembly.

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